Residency programme


You will need a primary examination/apply for exemption in one of both Colleges. Please see the links below:

Once you have obtained your Primary Examination you will need to seek for a training institution. The SOFPON website has a list of accredited training institutions with e-mail contact of link consultant family physicians in these institutions, who will be able to provide information such as availability of space, newspapers where adverts for placement are placed, institutional process for application etc.


As you start your residency programme, it is advisable to have the College prospectus and syllabus to ensure you are concentrating on what you need to achieve to be a family physician. The institutions’ Residency Training Coordinator will offer you further assistance to achieve this goal.

You must be registered in the Colleges to indicate that you are in a residency training programme. This must be done not later than 3 months upon starting your training. The links to the forms and fees are pasted below:

In the NPMCN you are expected to submit an annual progress report not later than the 31st of January of the year.
The form usually takes 2-4 weeks to fill as there are a number of certifications of training achieved, CME, and intra departmental examination results to be included. You will also need the signatures of your training coordinator, the family physicians training you, the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee and the Chief Medical Director. The link to the form is below:

You are also expected to submit another Associate Fellows Form – NPMCN – every year with the Annual Progress Report. Payment should be by bank transfer only to the NPMC account

The original copy of the bank transfer and the original copy of both forms should be sent to the NPMC Secreteriat. A receipt will be issued to you. This receipts is often made available at the update/workshops organised by the College.

For more information please call 081-8201-6035.

Once you are eligible for the Part I or Part II/Membership or Fellowship examinations of the Colleges, you will need to apply formally for the examinations and pay the examination fees

 Please click on the links below for the examinations application forms.

Please be aware that there are certain requirements for eligibility for these examinations. The Colleges have a check list to ensure you are certain that you are eligible. Please obtain this check list not later than 6 months into the 1st year of your residency programme as many of the criteria for eligibility are obtained over time and not at once. Some information not available on the check list but are required are;

Evidence of attendance at ethics course

Evidence of attendance on update or revision courses (must attend at least 50% of  courses organised by the colleges within 24 months of examination date)

Physician in training form

Completed logbook

Evidence of primaries or exemption of the appropriate college.


Check list for Membership and Fellowship WACP are contained in the examination forms in the box under “Instruction and Notices”


When preparing for the Part II/Fellowship of your training, a proposal of your research topic must be sent to the Colleges for approval. You are not allowed to present your self for the final examination earlier than 1 year after obtaining approval of your proposal from the College. This means that you must set about obtaining approval for your dissertation topic promptly after the Part I/Membership examinations and wait for the approval from the College before embarking on your research. Unethical behaviour attracts sanctions from the Colleges. The following must be submitted with the  part II/ Fellowship examination form;

Evidence of attendance at research methodology course

Evidence of having passed part I/ membership examination

Completion of training certificate

Evidence of health management course for the national postgraduate medical college of Nigeria.

Evidence of attendance on update or revision courses (must attend at least 50% of courses organised by the colleges within 24 months of examination date)

For more information please click on the link below:

Once you are successful in the Membership & Fellowship examinations of the WACP, you are expected to fill a form, pay a fee as a Member or Fellow and attend the College ceremony to invest you with this achievement. This ceremony is compulsory, holds at the venue of that year’s AGSM and carries a penalty fee if not attended.

Please see the link for the forms to be filled as Members and as Fellows

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